Anal Stimulation Part 2

Published March 22, 2014 by sexy nymph

We decided to follow through on trying sex with the super small butt plug in place. We went about it a little different this time, warming up with an oral orgasm followed by vaginal sex first. We also tried a new lube – one specifically designed for anal sex. There was no burning this time! He was already inside me when he slipped the plug in so there was no discomfort of him trying to enter with it already in place. It was very different from anything I’ve ever experienced. I could feel the fullness in my anus and him going in and out and I can’t really describe in words the sensation. Apparently, the base of the plug hit him in the right spot because he reached orgasm super quick. While it was enjoyable to me, but sadly I didn’t get a second “O”. Afterwards, we were discussing the experience and he said it hit him in the perfect spot and he wasn’t used to that sensation. So, we found a great plug and a great lube and that made all the difference!


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