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The past week has concentrated on obtaining a concealed carry permit

Published March 30, 2014 by sexy nymph

My sexual escapades have taken a back seat this week. Instead of playing and having fun, we’ve been working, going to dentist appointments, running around borrowing guns and trying to find ammo for our concealed carry class yesterday and arranging childcare for our daughter. Whew! The week went by in the blink of an eye it seems! The concealed carry class was great except having to shoot in the wind and rain. Our targets were blowing in the wind – literally. The class was eight hours plus range time which makes for a very long day to say the least. I learned a lot about our state laws concerning concealed and open carry though. I also received my certificate to apply for my permit so all in all totally worth it! I used a Beretta 22 caliber for my test and I am in love with this gun. It is a really user friendly semi-automatic handgun. The clip I used for ammo has this very useful spring to help load the ammo making it easy even for a petite lady to use. The spring handle on the clip makes certain you will never load the clip backwards! For avid shooters, this may seem trivial. However, for novices such as myself it is a great safely feature lol. The gun shoots very smooth and has very very little kick – of course it is a 22 caliber so there shouldn’t be much kick anyway. The clip slides out easily with the push of a button when you’re done and the slide stays open. You can close it then when you load another clip, you slide it back and it loads the next bullet. I really really like this gun and am extremely proficient with it. Yesterday was my 5th time shooting in my entire life and all of my shots were in the 9 ring or better – even in the rain and wind. The only problem is it is a bit bulky. I think I’m going to purchase this gun for open carry but for concealed carry I need to find something smaller. Ideas? Suggestions?