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Anal Stimulation Part 3

Published March 22, 2014 by sexy nymph

I was eager to try more anal play but my boyfriend and I were slightly annoyed with each other. I’ve always been the one who wanted to be blindfolded or tied up and it really didn’t occur to me to flip the script until that night. I told him to follow me, sat him down on the couch and put a blindfold on him. I gathered a small array of supplies – my new mini suede flogger, satin gloves, a warming lube, some anal lube and the tiny butt plug which is my new fave toy. I teased him first with my bare hands, running them over his body. Then I put on the gloves and alternated stroking him with the satin and kissing various body parts. I went down on him for a few seconds, then stroked him with the flogger. I wasn’t really sure how he would react to that since we haven’t used that type of toy before. He seemed to be OK with it, so I gently smacked his upper thigh with it. He seemed to enjoy it so I did it a few more times. I put a few drops of the warming lubes on his cock then went down on him until he almost climaxed. Then I stopped and left him sitting there wile I lubed up the anal plug and inserted it into myself. I climbed on top of him and put his hardness into myself. I started riding him and all of a sudden the anal plug plopped right onto the ground. I ignored it and rode him until he climaxed. It was very interesting to be the one in control instead of being the one controlled. Afterwards, we were talking and he admitted he had never been blindfolded before. I was in utter shock. He said he had always been the one to blindfold other people and he wasn’t sure why he had never been on the receiving end previously. He also said he really liked it! I was in awe and honored to be the first and only one to blindfold him. We will have to do that more often!



Published March 18, 2014 by sexy nymph

For a long time I’ve been a mild submissive in bed without realizing what it was called. I read the Story of O many years ago and would be so aroused by what I was reading. I started amassing sex toys of various nature as well as different types of porn and engaged in sex without abandon. Sadly I was unable to have an orgasm via sex but could via oral sex or certain toys. At the time I also didn’t realize that was pretty normal for a woman. I also didn’t realize some of my toys could possibly be harmful to my health based on the material of the item. When I met my current boyfriend we had the best sex of my life – there was something amazing about us together! I had my first orgasm via sex and couldn’t believe it! Life intervened and we separated for a few years. He got back in touch with me randomly six years ago and we started dating. Our sex life is simply amazing and needless to say I haven’t looked back. I’ve always liked him to blindfold me or restrain me with his hands, cuffs, under the bed restraint system, etc. Recently we have started exploring other things and I plan to write about those here as well as give my honest opinions about toys we are trying. Enjoy!